SONATASIA is honored to have worked with many brilliant and talented performers. Here are some of them:
Jonathan Paul Cambry, a brilliant young pianist from Chicago. Click on Jonathan to view a video.
Vocalists Jeff and Vangie Gunn. Click on Jeff and Vangie to view a video.
Dancer/Choreographer Tiffany Reid. Click on Tiffany to view a video.
Violinist Lacy Rostyak. Click on Lacy to view her website.
Vocalist Sheryl Smith. Click on Sheryl to view a video. Click HERE to go to her website.
Dancer Sadie Eppes. Click on Sadie to view a video.
David Parker, Director and creator of Sonatasia. David is an architect in Laguna Beach, CA. Click on David to view a video.
Jeffrey Briar. Click on
Jeffrey to view his page.